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KONSERTTI 11.3 - Viva Melancolia and Uusikuu PDF Tulosta Sähköposti
Suomi-klubi (Finnish Association in Belgium) presents:
Viva Melancolia and Uusikuu celebrate the Finnish music made famous in Kaurismäki films. Showtime @ 20.00

Free entry - but the bands are grateful for any contributions towards their travelling fund! :-)

Viva Melancolia are a Brussels-based band, mixing Finnish folk music and poetry with jazz and latin influences. The band is combined of many nationalities who have the passion for Finnish music in common. Their recently released EP can be listened to on Youtube
Viva Melancolia:
Anne Ahonen (FI) - Vocals
Christophe Didion (FR) - Saxophone
Raf Van der Veken (BE) - Accordion
Jari Matti Riiheläinen (FI) - Double Bass
Ivan Chaer (BRA) - Drums
Satu-Maaria Särkilä (FI) - Percussion, Backing Vocals
Antti Maunu (FI) - Keyboards
Uusikuu are one of the most interesting and original interpreters of the rare and rather special genre, the Finnish tango. The tango is a very important part of Finnish culture and identity and even if it is not as full of hot passion as its sibling from the Rio de la Plata region of Argentina and Uruguay, these tango nations have more in common than one would think.
Uusikuu revisits the haunting and melancholy Finnish rhythms and melodies from golden era of Finnish tango from the 1930s to the 1960s, the glowing voice of Laura Ryhänen acting as a tour guide to a journey through time into a uniquely Finnish world. Uusikuu’s repertoire does not include only tangos, but also fun and fast humppas, dreamy waltzes, and sleek and sophisticated slow foxtrots and swing numbers that will bring a smile to your face.
Uusikuu has performed at concert halls, theatres, clubs, and various festivals across Europe and has also been involved in theatre and film productions during the past nine years. Their albums Hotelli Untola (Peregrina Music) and Babylonia (Humppa Records) have received critical acclaim. They are working on a new album that will be released in 2016 on the German world music label Nordic Notes.
They are currently also working with one of the most popular Finnish tango singers, Amadeus Lundberg.
Laura Ryhänen (FI) - Vocals
Mikko Kuisma (FI) - Violin, Vocals
Norbert Bremes (DE) - Accordion, Backing Vocals
Jari Matti Riiheläinen (FI) - Double Bass